Classic Roast Golden Lilly

This month’s tea is from the same incredibly beautiful partner farm as last months offering. It is even produced using the same cultivar Golden Lily. The difference is expert, classical, charcoal roasting.

This month is a great opportunity for us all to both deepen our relationship and support of truly noble farm, and to get a chance to taste how big a difference production techniques can have.

Organic, Bio-dynamic, Agroforestry 

We always like to say that the secret ingredient here at MMT is the gardens themselves. One of the things that makes Bei Shan so incredible how open this farm is to the natural environment that surrounds it.

It is a goal of the Bei Shan tea garden to let nature do the farming. In order to fulfill that vision the owners have to stick to three principals or concepts.

1. Organic production.

Absolutely no artifical fertilizers or pesticides.

2. Bio-dynamic principals.

The key to byo-dynamic principals is first an emphasis on soil fertility. This requires a dynamic range of plants in-order to both feed the soil and to fix nutrients into it.

3. Agroforestry.

Look at the forest. No one is trucking fertilizers and pesticides into it and yet it is teaming with life and vitality. The principals of Agroforestry are simple; mimic the natural systems of the forest and then let nature…the worlds best farmer do the work.

Organic Tea Plant

Apples to Apples Comparison

This month is a great opportunity to get a direct impression of what roasting does to fresh tea. If you have last month’s 2020 Golden Lily go ahead and do a side by side comparison of the fresh made tea with the roast. If you have a tea notebook be sure to mark the page and date so you can compare how the tea presents in June with later in the year. The roasted tea will continue to mature and mellow out as it rests and the slow oxidation of the Golden Lily will also change its aroma by the fall.

Thanks so much for joining the tea club if its your first month! We’ve seen a lot of growth over this year and its thanks to our hardworking tea farmers, staff, and the support of our tea club family. See you all next month!

Classic Oolong Tea

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