2020 Shibi High Elevation GABA

The tea of the month for July is comes to us from the High Mountains.
Also known as Gao-Shan Chan (High Mountain Tea) these are teas that are highly prized. This months tea comes from Shibi, A small mountainous region located in Yunling County, south central Taiwan. It was grown not too far from the famous growing region know as Shan Lin Xi.  The Tea garden is located between 1200-1400meters elevation and was harvested in the peak of the spring season. Produced by Mr. Chen.  The garden is remote and pristine. 

High Elevation Tea 

Why is High Elevation tea so prized? Well even though this answer is really multifaceted we can single out one primary factor that makes Gao-Shan Cha so special. It comes down to the rate that the tea metabolizes. In the high mountains the air gets much cooler at night. This condenses the volume of oxygen available, which the tea tree needs in order to metabolize the nutrients it produced during the day while in photosynthesis. Under these conditions the trees are unable metabolize all the phyto-nutrients they produced. The slow metabolism causes an increase available phytonutrients and a much smoother and richer flavor in your cup. Pretty cool hun?!  

GABA for your health

We have begun testing our teas for their GABA Content. This months tea was tested in 2 different labs, one University lab and one private lab. Our sample that was sent to the University contained around 196 mg’s of GABA per 100 g’s. Our other sample sent to the private laboratory showed about 300 mg’s per 100 g’s of tea. The difference reflects slightly different testing methods. However the conclusion is pretty great. This tea is rich in GABA and a great source for daily drinkers.  

Tasting Notes

This tea is so ridiculously smooooth! For those of you who love our best selling GABA Oolong this tea will be mind blowing. It’s well, elevated. The high elevation bring with it a much brighter sweet note and some soft floral undertones.  It has a lighter roast than the classic allowing a softer mouth feel as well. 

Notes of: Sweet Milk, Soft Mountain Wild Flowers, Malt and Honey

wild mountain tea cup


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