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Drunken Meadow Green Tea

April is a magical month in the world of tea. It is often the month when many of us get our first taste the new year’s freshest teas. The spring teas are considered by many to be the finest teas each new year brings.

Drunken Meadow Green Tea

First Flush

The first flush is considered to be the very best of what the spring teas have to offer. Our 2020 first flush spring tea is no exception to this, so let talk a little more about what makes this tea and spring green teas in particular so special.

First Flush Green Tea

Over the past several months the tea plants have been dormant. The winter has brought with it a time of colder temperatures, and more stressful growing conditions. This means the tea plant has had a lot of time to reset and soak up nutrients. The first flush is often an expression of that long-stored winter potential. It means that the fresh leaf itself is bursting with life force and long-stored winter nutrients. This is also a time in the year when the tea trees are under less threat of insects. That means the leaf is often sweeter and more delicate, needing to produce less bitter tannins to ward off insects. Many also refer to the special “Qi” of young spring tea. The rising, exuberant and creative spring energy is said to be embedded deep into the leaf of these early spring teas.

Tea Drunk

Green teas are known for having the highest amounts of L-theanine and other mood-elevating compounds. This tea is no exception. We given our April Tea of the Month the name Drunken Meadow simply because of the feeling of drinking it evokes. If you have never been a little tea drunk this tea is a good chance to “cop a feel” for that ecstatic state. The thing we love most about this tea is that it expresses the best of both green tea worlds. The rich umami of Japanese greens, AND, the floral delicateness of the Chinese greens.  This is truly a tea to celebrate and revel in. Here is the change of the season, here is to spring 2020. We have a lot to look forward to this year. 

Wild Mountain Tea Tree

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