Oolong Tea Farm

Golden Lily Oolong Tea

This month’s tea comes from a remote tea garden deep in the heart of Taiwan. 

Golden Lily Oolong Tea

Bei Shan is hidden away farm from any neighbors who might still be drenching their land in chemicals. It’s a real challenge on a small island to find a space that is not affected by your neighbor’s land management decisions. Especially if those decisions involve water-soluble fertilizer and pesticides. There, they are experimenting with many forms of progressive agriculture including companion planting, and agro-foresty models.

The Farm

The Bei Shan farm started as a vision 30 years ago, and what was originally a place to grow clean tea for friends and family has slowly grown into a garden that is becoming increasingly commercially viable.  I was originally brought to this farm by close friends who also have a deep and fundamental interest in Taiwan’s future. As third-generation tea farmers and parents who have seen first the effects of chemical-heavy agriculture they know all too well what the long term outlook is for their family and country if things don’t change. Together we are working to help support our humble friends out at Bei Shan as they attempt to produce a truly clean and sustainable tea.

Bei Shan Tea Farm

This month’s tea was grown in a relatively new part of the garden that is still in its early days. A vision held by a family to produce even more clean and organic tea in the most sustainable way.  The garden is still young and, year by year, as the soil and tea trees mature the tea gets better and better.  It’s really exciting to watch a tea get and a garden, as they get better year by year. 


We look at this partnership as an investment in both the present and the future.  Sustainable tea production can be as much 20% less productive than current agro-chemical methods so it is important that we continue to invest in long term projects to help support organic producers as they find ways to compete with their non-organic competition.

Organic Tea Farm

It’s farms like these that we love to support through our tea club. 

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