Tea and Coronavirus

Tea And The Coronavirus

Many of us have been forced to be “city hermits” in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. While social distancing may be our best defense, the black tea on your shelf has a delicious and promising molecule that might prove invaluable to scientists.

Tea And The Coronavirus

Researchers in Taiwan have been looking into one very promising key antioxidant in tea called “Theaflavin” for it’s anti-viral properties. 

Theaflavin is formed during the oxidations process in more heavily oxidized teas and is an important protease (RNA-dependent RNA polymerase) of viral proliferation. Which has been found to inhibit viral activity, thereby inhibiting viral proliferation.

The research team extracted this ingredient from local Taiwanese tea. The found it could aggregate with COVID-19 and inhibit its vRNA process, therefore obstructing its ability to replicate. These anti-viral properties are what have researchers so excited that Theaflavin could be a  promising place to start developing COVID-19 treatments.

This study was published in《Journal of Medical Virology》Even though this study has more biomedical research ahead of it, just hearing about it is like a ray of lite at the end of a dark tunnel.

Oxidization Is The Key…

In fact, Theaflavin is ubiquitous in oxidized tea, especially black tea. Oolong tea comes second, and it is rarely found in green tea. It depends on the degree of oxidation, making black tea and heavier oxidized oolongs more desirable.

We can add Theaflavin the long list of polyphenols, amino acids, and antioxidants that have been known for a long time in tea to have immune-boosting and anti-depressant effects. Compounds such as Catechin, L-Theanine, GABA and a host of other antioxidants vitamins and minerals.

We are very excited to hear that tea continues to contribute organic chemicals to the scores science and medical professionals working on building drugs that will help the world respond to COVID-19. In the mean time, with all the uncertainty around us keeping up a regular tea practice and reflecting with gratitude on the amazing things humans and nature have accomplished so far should fill our hearts with hope and our cups with tea.

Taylor Drye, Mad Monk Tea

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